Welcome To Ivac Solutions

Magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps are the first choice for high-up time, hydrocarbon free pumping and pumps can be fully interfaced with advanced controllers to operate.

Our company Ivac Solutions is based and operated out of Chandler, Arizona. We provide service and product support in vacuum sales, repair and remanufacturing of Cryos (Cryogenics), Scrubbers (Abatement units), Turbos (Turbomoleculars), Rotary, Scrolls and Dry Pumps. In addition to vacuum applications, we also sale, repair and refurbished Turbo controllers, new and obsolete electrical boards/cards/boxes, Turbo controller batteries, cables and much more. Please contact Ivac Solutions to discuss services and vacuum applications with one of our account professionals.

Oil sealed rotary vane pumps are unique in their capability to offer both high vacuum and high throughput performance. Scrolls are alternative to rotary vane pumps where oil free pumping is desirable.

Offers a highly reliable, low cost pump for difficult processes where particulate, condensable or corrosive by-products are present. Performance for clean to medium-duty and compound applications.