•  We offer complimentary onsite evaluation of your equipment and tools, advise what options are available to meet your needs and offer cost savings pricing with every quote. 
  • Our repairs and refurbishments come with a standard parts and workmanship warranty of 6 months. Ivac professional will advise on additional warranty customer can purchase for a percentage of total price. Will not warranty events caused by the tool or the end user.
  • $300 Evaluation Fee applies when customer does not authorize quoted repairs beyond standard rebuild or when pump is not repairable. Will quote charges and await customer approval before proceeding for additional parts and labor exceeding the scope of the standard rebuild and controller inspection.
  • All controller batteries come with a 1 year warranty and electronics with 7 day warranty , once received by customer. Will not warranty events caused by the tool or the end user.

Pump Repair Process

  1. Customer health and safety/chemical declaration sheet is verified against our MSDS PPE procedure, then Service Order and RMA numbers are created prior to pump in process. Digital images are taken throughout the entire repair process.
  2. Pump is evaluated for physical damages, fluid and process leaks and noted in evaluation sheet.
  3. If applicable electronics, purge lines, gas module, water lines and frame are removed from pump on Decon (decontamination) bench.
  4. If applicable water, coolant and oil is purged out of pump and proceed to completely disassemble pump module, pump motor and silencer while wearing required PPE.
  5. Depending on pump type and process, we use degreaser solvents in ultra sonic, bead blast with media or walnut bead. Parts are then rinsed in wash and blown off with compressed air to dry.
  6. Once parts are decontaminated and dried off, parts are visually inspected for dings and scoring and then measured with calipers, micrometers and bore tolerances per OEM specs. Worn and damaged parts are scrapped and replaced.
  7. Inspected pump parts are moved to build bench were new rebuild kit is issued to service order which includes O-rings, seals, bearings, gaskets, wavy washer, piston rings and more or less parts that vary with product and model type. Pump timing and shimming is perform using special manufactures tools on applicable pumps. Pump module is then leak checked with helium and moved to next stage when no leaks are found. Motor is also rebuilt with new bearings and attached to pump module.
  8. If applicable electronics, purge lines, gas module, water lines and frame are installed on pump and leak checked again for leaks.
  9. Pump is now moved to test and ran for 4 to 6 hours depending on product and model. Ultimate vacuum, software uploads and electrical safety test are performed towards end of test. Ultimate vacuum reading may differ on models.
  10. Pump then moves to final inspection for quality checks, pump configuration is verified against paperwork and images taken of pump when arrived at shop. This quality assurance aids technicians at final inspection by verifying pump leaves with all the accessories customer sent with pump.